Where to go for a delicious “pain au chocolat” at Brussels airport?


The answer without a doubt is: Panos! A not at all flash place but worth a visit if you feel like a treat. You can read Belgian cartoons, while enjoying freshly baked Belgian “koffiekoeken”. I hate early morning flights,  but the taste of the pain au chocolat this morning made me smile. Panos is at the A gate top floor. Enjoy!

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  1. Heerlijk even thuis Magali! Ik ook heb een zwak voor pain au chocola! jeugdherinneringen en vakanties! Nelly

  2. This looks gorgeous! How are you and David? What is happening with you both? We have been very busy. We are looking forward to Hamilton Island race week next month. Are you happy in Dubai still? Love Es xxx

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    • Hi darling Esther, so good to have news from you!! We are in Mallorca. Andratx at the moment 🙂 all is good in Dubai too. I have been on tv there!! Will pass you the link once I have it! Wish we could join on race week. Missing you both xxx

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