Sensational Lunch at BODEGA 1900 BARCELONA

Not to miss! Bodega 1900 is one of the restaurants of Albert Adria, known as the founder of El Bulli.
El Bulli, once the number ONE restaurant in the world, closed its doors to become a cooking school.
Albert Adria didn’t plan on quitting the restaurant business, instead he set up several tapas bars and restaurants through the city of Barcelona.
By accident we arrived at Bodega 1900, around 3pm and were so lucky to have a late lunch there without reservation!
A no nonsense place, with extremely friendly service. The food surprised me to be so simple but yet of so high-end quality.
Each tapas on itself was a discovery, without them being too heavy or too rich.
They even have an old Flemish cheese on the menu, called ‘brokkeloud’, which means ‘crumbly old’ and was absolutely aged to perfection!
The ‘liquid olives’ are definitely a sensation and a real taste bomb, they literally explode in your mouth. A must try without any doubt.
We also tried the duck ham, meat pies, fried calamari bun, foie gras, ham croquets and chocolate cake. I still can’t decide which one was my favorite!

We paid 100 Euro for a lunch for two, wine included.
Together with the bill came 2 shots of ‘Hierbas’ liquor, infused with cinnamon and vanilla, delicious!

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  1. Magali, that all looks and sounds so delicious!! What a great impromptu lunch your had, and back in Barcelona, means back on the boat? Xx

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