Fresh Lobster in Puerto d’Andratx!

Where to eat fresh lobster in Puerto d’Andratx-Mallorca?

Restaurant ‘Savantry’, with no doubt!

The service is charming and at the waterfront in the village.

The lobsters are live and presented before cooking.
They do a kind of lobster ‘flambé’, that is absolutely delicious. We went back for it 3 times!

Another pure delight was the ‘Apollo 20’; a beef filet with seared duck liver on top. You would indeed think: ‘Boeuf Rossini”! But no, they take it a step further and add a lobster tail to it! Definitely the most fancy gourmet version of ‘surf and turf’ ever experienced!

They also prepare a lovely sea bass in a salt crust, rack of lamb and lamb shoulder.
For tapas, I would recommend the ‘croquetas casas’ and ‘Padron peppers’.

We went for the white wine ‘Randemar’, on recommendation of the maître D, and again, beautiful.

As dessert we tried the ‘fondant au chocolat’, which was good. However for me the real surprise was the ‘crème catalane’. They poured a lovely liquor on top and lit it; another delicious ‘flambé’!

Prices are reasonable; a whole fresh lobster for 28 Euro is not bad!
The bill ranges from 70 to 90 Euros, for 2 people including wine.

The place is small, so best to make a reservation +34 971 67 44 20
Av. Almirante Riera, 12
Puerto d’Andratx

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  1. That does sound like a really good deal Magali!! And delicious too….

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