Discovering a Little Organic Heaven in Andratx-Mallorca

As with many boaties, we have folding bikes and use these as a way of exploring the areas around our marina. On one of these recent bike rides, we made a cute discovery. Inland from the Puerto d’ Andratx there is a scenic bike / walking track that takes you through the Mediterranean countryside up to the village of Andratx. You can imagine yourself back in Roman times – with little farm cottages on the river banks with rows of olive trees, lemon groves and artichokes growing in the fertile alluvial plains.

Along the bike way (only 10 minutes from Porto Andratx by bike) there is a house, owned by a lovely Scandinavian lady, Annette. She has a lovely garden and grows organic vegetables and fruit and keeps free-range chickens. She sells her produce (including the most exquisite eggs) every day from 10AM-2 PM. On Wednesdays she has a stall at the market of the village of Andratx.

A Must Do, if you like organic produce!

The whole experience is just lovely. Annette follows the seasons, so the choice is limited to seasonal produce and the harvest of the day. Still, it is worthwhile to ask her for more… such as lemons.

With these she’d rather pick them fresh from the tree. She will cut it so that there still is a small piece of branch attached. She says ‘it keeps the lemons fresh longer’. The lemons were huge and almost the size of grapefruits!

Annette also grows beautiful thyme, lemon grass, sage, mint, oregano, lettuce, broccoli, and salad flowers!

Eatable flowers bring flavour and colour to a gourmet salad. I was shown around in the stunning wild garden and tasted several different flowers. It was a unique experience. Some of them tasted very spicy. Flowers have such a short shelf life you won’t find them in supermarkets.

The chickens are ‘happy chooks’. They are free range and live in that lush garden. That is a big difference in taste!

The whole place is romantic and very retro. The produce is weighed on an ancient copper scale! Pure nostalgia!

Today’s experience has really put a smile on my face.

Provisioning tip: buy your fresh produce from growers at the market and not at the supermarket. If produce is picked and not refrigerated after, you will be able to keep it out of the fridge, in the shade and an airy place, for much longer than store produce.

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